(Turf: Games are on rain or shine)


Beach Chalet (grass) Yahoo Map

Boys and Girls Club gym (1950 Page St, SF) Yahoo Map

Crocker Amazon (turf) (Brookdale and Geneva Ave, SF) Google Map

Franklin Square (turf) Yahoo Map

Ft Scott, Presidio Google Map Yahoo Map

Gateway HS Google Map

Gilman (turf) in Berkeley Google Map

Kimbell in SF (turf) Google Map

Lang (grass) Google Map

Minnie & Lovie (turf) Google Map

Mission Dolores Google Map

Moscone (Marina) Yahoo Map

Polo Fields Google Map

Pollicita, Daly City (turf) Yahoo Map

Rolph Baseball Field Google Map

Silver Terrace (turf) Yahoo Map

South Sunset (turf) Google Map

West Sunset (grass) Google Map


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