Tips for New Captains


More often than not, captains get tired of managing teams so here's some friendly advice if you're looking for any to make your job easy!

1) Shoot for a big roster. If your players are committed to showing up to all the games, have full time players where they all pitch in for the team dues- plus have a couple players play as "subs". Some "subs" offer to chip in some towards the dues which is nice especially if not everyone paid when they were supposed to. 

2) Register your team for the league early. Check if your players are in our database already at If they are not, we need a signed waiver and a good headshot photo. Direct your players to to begin the process. Now that you are ready to sign up your team, click on Register here.


3) Ask your teammates to help with recruiting friends early.

4) (basketball) Order your team jerseys early. It often takes 3-4 weeks for them to ship. They are probably better than the reversible ones you can rent from us.

5) Check the schedule weekly as it's subject to change. Changes are minimal but there are times where we can't avoid it. Every effort is done to notify the teams affected by the change if it's done with fewer than 10 days notice

6) Collect dues from your teammates BEFORE the league starts. No pay, no play.

7) If you wait to collect dues, you may end up short - especially if people don't end up showing up for games, get injured after playing only a couple games, etc. This doesn't mean your teammates can't find replacements if their plans change.

8) Tell your new players to the league to fill out and to remind them that a signed waiver needs to be faxed in as well. Scanning the signed form and sending it via email is actually better. Many people don't realize when their faxes don't go through and you'd be suprised how many are sent in upside on the fax machine.

9) Update your roster by your 3rd game. This is the roster that will be checked at playoffs.

-- now with the finances out of the way, you can focus on the social aspect like where to go after the games. 

If there's anything to add to the list, please suggest away!

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