Multiple Scoregasms


We have played in Sports 4 Good leagues since Fall of 2010 and have enjoyed every season. We won the Coed Ed Softball title twice in 2012. Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to future seasons.


CJ Burkland, Multiple Scoregasms

Pick 6

Pick 6 from Monday night flag football.  We started out as free agents about 18 months ago and just won our third championship in the last five seasons!


Kells FC

R-Bar FC Thursday Night Lower Intermediate (now called Upper Intermediate) Champs July 10th, 2014.



We've been playing in sports4good for 3+ years now!  3 of us started together as free agents and picked up a few people over time before we started our own team, PAWEOP. 


Will Play For Beer

- Currently plays lower competitive soccer on Monday nights

Will Play for Beer (WPFB) has been in the Sports4Good League for 10 years.

- In the past 10 years, WPFB has contributed over $50,000 in team registration fees and are proud sponsors of Sports4Good.

- WPFB started in the lower competitive ranks and have worked our way up through upper immediate to lower competitive with the same group of guys.

- WPFB has missed the playoffs fewer than 5 times in the last 5 years.

- WPFB won the Upper Intermediate championship in 2012.  (but don't have a photo)

- WPFB is proud to represent Finnegan's Wake (Cole Valley), who is our shirt and beer sponsor.


Bad News Beer M

- Currently plays upper intermediate on Monday nights

- Champions Late Summer 2014



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