Softball Rules.


Play is governed by ASA rules unless otherwise noted.

ELIGIBILITy: To play in the softball league, a person must be in our member database. In order to be an active member, every player must send in a SIGNED waiver. Please go to and follow the instructions to start the process. A signed waiver via fax or email are required for a sports4good card to be made. Please do not show up at the field and give it to the umpires.

Players may only play on one team per division. Teams are allowed up to 2 guest players during regular games and no players that aren't on their roster for playoffs. Roster and guest players must be in our member database
League reserves the right not to allow players to play if they are not found on the roster or in our member database.

Playoff Eligibility: To be eligible for playoffs, a player must have appeared in at least one match during the regular season. General Softball guidelines of ASA (Amateur Softball Association) slow pitch softball where appropriate and as interpreted by S4G umpires. Umpires have final calls on balls and strikes, fielding calls and any other disputes or appeals.

Games are to last no more than 1 hour or 7 innings. The 1 hour includes warm up time.

7 inning games: 7 run maximum per inning in the first 4 innings and unlimited after that. 12 run mercy option after four completed innings. Unlimited runs allowed in 1-4 only if the umps have declared one of them to be the final inning.

If game is tied at the end of 7 complete innings, one extra inning will be played time permitting.

Courtesy runners are allowed at ump's discretion for injured players. Substitutions must be cleared by ump, otherwise batter is automatically declared out.

BATTING LINEUP: Minimum of 4 women batters are required in the lineup and the lineup can be in any order. You can have more than 4 but you can not have more than 2 extra males than females in the line up (i.e. 6 men/4 women, 7 men/5 women, 6 men/5 women, 7 men/6 women, 8 men/6 women are all acceptable). Have your lineup ready at game start time.

2 Guest players allowed for non-playoff games and no guest players allowed for playoff games. During the season, rosters may be checked to ensure teams are not bringing on more than 2 guest players. All guest and roster players must be in our member database. League reserves the right to not allow players to play if they fail to show a photo ID card. Team will automatically forfeit a game if a player is found to have participated and not have sent in a signed waiver to the league. To ensure the player's name is on the list, a member search tool is available here.

Fielding: Teams must have a minimum of 4 women on the field.  Teams may play with 8 players on the field (min. 3 women) to avoid a forfeit.

There can not be more than 7 field players on the infield at any one time unless the ball is in play. All players in the field must be listed in the batting order. There are no designated hitters allowed.

Softball Lineup Sheet: should be completed at the field (available from the ref) a few minutes before game start time.

Softballs: 12" balls will be pitched for all players

No triple wall bats will be allowed. These will be checked by the umps. Any attempt to do so will be declared automatic win to opposing team.

No leadoffs or stealing allowed. Runners can leadoff base if the ball is hit or if it crosses the plane of the plate. Any early leadoffs, the runner will be declared out.

Running to home. The runner will run next to the home plate and not through it. There will also be a line half way between 3rd and home plate where if the runners passes the line, the player must continue and is unable to return to 3rd.

Legal pitches are 6'-12' arc.

Batters must run to the orange base at first if the ball is being played at first base. Any attempt to not run to the orange base, the batter will be declared out whether there is interference or contact
with the baseman.

All batters will start with one ball, one strike count. Two foul balls after two strikes are allowed with the exception if the second strike is the result of a foul ball then only foul ball will be allowed.

Balls are out of play when they are thrown over the fence.

Walks: If a male is walked and a female is next up to bat, the male walks to second base unless it forces a 3rd base runner to score. If 2nd and 3rd bases are loaded, the male will only advance to 1st base.

Substitutions can only occur defensively between innings except in cases of injury. Players re-inserted in the lineup after being subbed for must assume their former spot in the batting order.

Players who show up late on a team playing down, can be inserted into the lowest possible spot on the line up that does not affect the gender order.

Playoff seedings determined by: number of games played (game played not counted for team forfeited, but counts for team who wins by forfeit), head to head, points differential, points for, and points against. Forfeit game score is 7-0.  For leagues which have an odd number of teams, the team that plays an extra match on a doubleheader day (or the extra and last game if there are no doubleheaders) will not count toward playoff seedings. The game will count for the opponent. Max differential per game is 7 runs.


League Prize:

First time champions:

T-shirts, Team trophy, OR a $150 donation to 501c3 charity of choice.

Returning champions:

$150 donation to 501c3 charity of choice


Every team plays 7 regular games and then the top 4 teams advance to playoffs. If anyone can't show their S4G player card, they will not be allowed to play. Driver's license is not the same thing as a S4G player card (i.e in good standing with the league and you have signed our waiver).

If you must forfeit, please be courteous to the opponents and umpires by sending an e-mail to, or leave a message at 415.320.7441 by 2pm.

Illegal bats:

Anderson Techzilla Reborn
Anderson Rockettech Reloaded
CS Composites Bl Da Bomb
Demarini Dark
Demarini EVO
Easton SCX2 Synergy
Easton SCX23 Synergy Plus
Easton Synthesis
Louisville Slugger SB34 Genesis
Louisville Slugger SB 105 Catalyst
Louisville Slugger SB305 Warrior XXL Balanced
Louisville Slugger SB305 Warrior XXL End Load
Louisville Slugger SBXW-28 Warrior

Miken Ultra
Miken Ultra (Maxload)
Miken Ultra II
Miken Freak Plus
Mizuno Blu Advanced Series
Worth EST9
Worth PST 120
Worth WIC 120
Worth Max 120
Worth XEST9X
Worth SBWK
Worth Wicked (Slow Pitch Version Only)
Worth XWICKX (Slow Pitch Version Only)
Worth WWSC Wicked Composite (Slow Pitch Version Only)

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