General Conduct Guidelines

All Sports 4 Good participants must conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is in keeping with representing Sports4Good and will not bring discredit upon the league. Such conduct includes (1) respecting the property of others; (2) adhering to the rules and guidelines set forth below, as well as any other rules or guidelines communicated by Sports 4 Good to participants verbally; and (3) observing all local ordinances and state and federal laws. Destruction of property, irresponsible or disrespectful behavior, or violation of any ordinance or law is grounds for immediate dismissal from the league. Failure to comply with any and all league rules may result in disciplinary action. Persistent noncompliance with these rules may result in dismissal from the league and could affect the player's future participation in Sport 4 Good activities. Sports 4 Good may amend these rules and guidelines from time to time; any such amendments will be reflected on this web site, and Sports 4 Good participants are encouraged to review this web page from time to time in order to become familiar with the most current version of these rules.


Email Addresses

Sports 4 Good is committed to protecting the privacy of all participants in Sports for Good activities. In order to facilitate communications between members of Sports 4 Good teams, Sports 4 Good provides email contact information for each member of a team to the team captain and to other members of the team. Sports 4 Good participants agree to use this email contact information only to facilitate Sports 4 Good activities, and for no commercial purpose.


Use of Fields

Fields are hard to come by. Please respect all field directors, referees, and school athletic supervisors. Bring any disputes or other confrontations concerning use of fields to the attention of Sports 4 Good. No dogs are permitted on fields at any time. Please be careful not to leave any trash on the fields or in bleachers.


Drugs and Alcohol

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in any of the athletic facilities used for Sports 4 Good activities is strictly prohibited. Substance abuse and/or possession thereof (drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco) may result in immediate dismissal from the league.



Absolutely no abuse of referees will be tolerated. Referees may warn, penalize with a point, or eject any player who is verbally abusive. Any physical abuse of a referee will result in automatic ejection from the league. Officials are not required to give a warning in any situation. If a referee engages in questionable conduct, the team captain should call the league office the next day. Similarly, the team captain should notify the league office if a referee is ever late for a game.


Intellectual Property

All information contained on this web site and in any written materials distributed by Sports 4 Good is proprietary to Sport 4 Good. None of these materials may be reproduced or distributed without express written permission from the management of Sports 4 Good. Violation of these intellectual property rights may result in criminal or civil penalties


Property Damage

Each Sports 4 Good participant bears sole financial responsibility for any property damage he or she may cause while participating in Sports 4 Good-sponsored events. For example, if you throw a ball that collides with a house window or a parked car’s windshield, you—not Sports 4 Good—will be responsible for contacting the property owner and paying for any damage.




A full refund including transaction fee only applies if S4G needs to cancel the event. No refunds or credit is given if you notify the league of your registration withdrawal with fewer than 10 days notice of a league starting. If you registered withing 10 days of a league or event, all sales are final. 

Personal reasons such as travel, work hours, lack of commitment by yourself or your paying teammates, or injuries are not reasons for a refund. However,  if we do find a replacement and that person is able to pay any dues, we will reimburse you the amount, equivalent to what the replacement player paid, at the end of the season. You are welcome to also find your own replacement as long as the player becomes a member of the league (ie submits a waiver with a valid headshot photo).

Please note that due to any extenuating circumstances beyond the league's control, we may need to change venues or push out the start date of the league. We will contact the teams with as much notice as possible. We advise captains to include emails and cell phone numbers so we may contact you on the weekends and during the evenings if we have to alert you of such change.



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