Pick Up Soccer.


If you want to get your soccer fix in and want to have the game always be played at the same time, consider joining our organized pickup soccer games instead of a league team. There is still a cost since we do pay for a referee, permits, and insurance.  We also organize many pickup games (no cost) during low peak times (eg Friday evenings, holidays, etc).


1) Organized Pickup games: (we ask for weekly evite RSVPs and we will organize the teams. Some weeks you will play with your friends and some against your friends. Don't worry, you will enjoy the game regardless)


Spots go fast so sign up asap.  7 weeks of play skipping National holidays (such as, Jul 4 weekend, Labor Day weekend).

Level is a mix of recreational and intermediate players. 


Sunday 9am  starting  Apr 24 at South Sunset and Beach Chalet

(cost $56)





2) Join www.meetup.com/sfsoccer

We announce pick ups all the time. Be sure to reply if you can make it as numbers count. 


If you are tired of always doing pick up and want to join a league team, you can join a team by posting on the message board. Or signing up as an individual player. Once you pay, you will be placed on a house team or may be passed onto a captain if we are sold out on spots. If you don't get assigned to a team, refunds are issued.

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