Indoor Soccer. Be intimately familiar with these rules.


All games will have a referee.

5 on 5
Minimum of 4 players to start (for coed: at least 1 woman) on the field at kick off time.
No grace period on kick off time.
Co-ed league plays with minimum of 2 women.
25 minute halves.
All teams play 7 games. The top 4 teams proceed to playoffs unless otherwise noted. Some seasons may last longer than 8 weeks due to gym availability.

All players must be 18 or older to participate.

Rosters are limited to 12 players and are final before the third round of regular games. Rosters must be set appropriately in the event of sickness, players travelling, injuries, etc.

Every player must have played at least one regular game to play in playoffs. 

Players may play on multiple teams as long as they are not in the same division on the same night. Note: playoffs for the multiple divisions may be played during the same time.

5 on 5 games with futsal goals are played with goalies.

Minimum of 2 women on the field at all times for co-ed league. 4 player minimum (1 female) required within 10 minutes of game start time to start without having to forfeit.

Indoor game ball will be provided by the league.

Shinguards are required. No exceptions.

2 Guest players allowed for non-playoff games and no guest players allowed for playoff games. During the season, rosters may be checked to ensure teams are not bringing on more than 2 guest players. All guest and roster players must be in our member database. League reserves the right to not allow players to play if they fail to show a photo ID card. Team will automatically forfeit a game if a player is found to have participated and not have sent in a signed waiver to the league. To ensure the player's name is on the list, a member search tool is available here.

Yellow card: immediate 10 minute substitution.

Red card: immediate game out and no sub. 2 games suspension and director's decision if you can continue playing in the league. (For playoffs: red card: immediate game out and player can not play in remainder of
playoffs. Substitution of player is not allowed in current game but is allowed in following games. 2 Yellow cards during playoffs equals a red card). 


Yellow card: 10 min out. Sub of the same gender is allowed.

Scoring: win=3 points; tie=1 point; loss=0 points; forfeit=-1 point.
Maximum differential per game is 5. Teams with a forfeit are disqualified from playoffs. 

Playoff seeding tie breakers are number of games played, goal differential, goals for, and then goals against. Score of 5-0 goes to winning teams for forfeits.  For leagues which have an odd number of teams, the team that plays an extra match on a doubleheader day (or the extra and last game if there are no doubleheaders) will not count toward playoff seedings. The game will count for the opponent.


First time champions:

Tshirts, Team trophy, OR a $150 donation to 501c3 charity of choice.

Returning champions:

$150 donation to 501c3 charity of choice (two of the many charitable organizations that we have donated to: America SCORES and Doctors without Borders)

Game Rules:

No slide-tackling or sliding within a couple yards of an opponent.


Goalkeepers can slide-tackle ONLY if they are clearly going for the ball. If they are playing the ball on the ground, they are essentially a field player and same rules apply to them.

No off-side rule

No throw-ins. Throw-ins will be replaced by in-direct kicks.

Kick-offs are direct

Corner kicks are direct

Goal kicks are direct

Games are 25 minute halves

Red card for player for intentional hand ball to prevent a goal.

Ball can bounce off of walls in rec gym


No 2 hands on wall


Sneakers only


Shinguards required

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