Flag Football Rules.


The season will consist of 7 weeks regular season plus a round of playoffs for top 4/8 teams.

You can have a maximum of 12 players on the roster, no fewer than 6 for men's 6v6 or 7 for coed 7v7.

Up 2 Guest players are allowed for non-playoff games and no guest players allowed for playoff games. During the season, rosters may be checked to ensure teams are not bringing on more than 2 guest players. All guest and roster players must be in our member database. League reserves the right not to allow players to play if they fail to show a photo ID card. Team will automatically forfeit a game if a player is found to have participated and not have sent in a signed waiver to the league. To ensure the player's name is on the list, a member search tool is available here.

Referee has final say in any dispute. If there is a complaint with a referee, please notify the league organizers and we will handle it on a case-by-case basis.

Any forfeits automatically disqualifies the team in playoffs. Exceptions are made only on a case by case basis. No forfeits are rescheduled. Refs and field permits are still paid regardless of whether a game is played.  Notification via email by 2pm to info@sports4good.org if you must forfeit out of courtesy for your opponent.

Game Rules

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Each team should start the game with 6 players, a minimum of 5 is needed to avoid a forfeit (for co-ed, no more than 4 players of the same gender). A player may play on only one team.

FOR CO-ED: Females must have possession of the ball once every four plays. Being quarterback or an attempt to receive the ball unsuccessful attempts count. Receiving the snap and immediately handing the ball off does not count as a female play.

PLAYING TIME: Playing time shall be two halves of 20 minutes. Half-time shall be 2 minutes. A coin toss will determine who shall receive the choice of possession or side at the beginning of the game. If lights go out during second half of the game, score stands. If lights go out during first half of the game, the game will be rescheduled. Running clock except for last 2 minutes of second half for the following reasons:

- an incomplete pass is thrown

- a player ends play by going out of bounds

- either team scores (clock will remain off until the opposing team snaps the ball after the PAT attempt; the clock does not run during extra points)

- change of possession

- a penalty which must be marked off occurs

- A team declares a punt and their 30 seconds (see below) has elapsed

- the clock will resume for the punt and the ensuing return. It will be stopped when the returnee is tagged and up until their first snap from scrimmage.

- A team calls a time out. Football will be spotted at the 10 yard line after all touchdowns and safeties.

There are no 15 yard penalties.

Unsportsmanlike conduct and roughing the passer are 10 yard penalties.

Each team is awarded 2 timeouts per game which shall last no more than 2 minutes.

AGE REQUIREMENT: All players must be 18 or over

GUARDING THE FLAG BELT: Runners shall not guard flag by using their hands, arms, or the ball to deny the opport unity for an opponent to pull or remove the flag belt.

SAFETy: If a player carries the ball across the goal line they are defending and the ball becomes dead while in their teamís possession, it is a safety. If a team commits a foul in the end zone where the spot of enforcement is designated as the spot of the foul, it will be declared a safety. A team recording a safety will receive 2 points and the ball at their own 1st down line.

RUSH COUNT & CHUCKING: Men's: Immediate rush (for men's league only); Co-ed: 5 count rush. Quarterback can run any time. Chucking outgoing receivers within 5 yards of scrimage is allowed. Chucking beyond 5 yards is illegal (5 yards from scrimmage/repeat down)

BLOCKING: Blocking with hands allowed. No downfield blocking allowed.


Co-ed League

BLOCKING: No contact blocking allowed

SPINNING: No spinning allowed.

FLAG BELT: All shirts must be tucked in, and are not permitted to hang over the flag belt. Players must have possession of the ball before they can legally be deflagged. It is illegal for a defensive player to intentionally pull a flag from an offensive player who is not in possession of the ball. 


  • Touchdown=6 points

  • Extra points=1 point if successful from the 3 yard line

  • Extra points=2 point if successful from the 10 yard line

  • Safety=2 points

  • Extra point interception resulting in touchdown=2 points

Playoff seeding determined by: number of games played (game played not counted for team forfeited but counts for team who wins by forfeit), head to head, overall points differential, points for, and points against. Forfeit game score is 23-0.  Max goal differential per game is 23 points.  For the leagues that have an odd number of teams, the team that is given an extra game will not have the 2nd game of a doubleheader, or the 8th game, count toward their standings when determining the playoff schedule. The playoff schedule is a manual process because the software can not take this into account. The chosen team that may have an extra game is randomly selected.

The season will consist of 7 regular season games plus a round of playoffs. Unless specified, top 4 teams advance to playoffs at the end of the regular season. Schedule for playoffs: 1st round: 1st vs 4th, 2nd round: 2nd vs 3rd, winners of 1st round vs winners of 2nd round advance to finals. You can have a maximum of 12 players on the roster, no fewer than 6. Team/Player fee includes referee'ed games, equipment, and insurance.

League Prize:



First time champions:

T-shirts, Team trophy, OR a $150 donation to 501c3 charity of choice.

Returning champions:

$150 donation to 501c3 charity of choice (two of the many charitable organizations that we have donated to: America SCORES and Doctors without Borders)



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