Basketball Rules.


Coed: 5 on 5 with minimum of 2 women; Men: 5 on 5; Women: 5 on 5

Matching numbered jerseys are required in order to play. They need to be real jerseys. Drawn on numbers and taped on numbers are not acceptable.  You can opt to purchase a set of 12 reversible jerseys from Sports4Good at $300/set. To order a set, send an email to with 72 hours notice. You will be sent an link. Please then specify how many Sm, Med, Large, and X-Large shirts that you will need. No one will be allowed to play without a matching team jersey. If captains do not elect to purchase a set of jerseys at the time of registration, you will not have the option to order any jerseys from the league at a later date.

There is no grace period on game start times.

Four players on the team must be playing within 10 minutes of the game start time in order to avoid a forfeit (men's league: 4 men; women's league: 4 women; coed league: 4 player with at least one of them being a woman). 

Minimum roster of 5 and max roster of 12 is allowed.

Each team is to provide a game ball.

No player may be a roster player on more than one team in the same league (i.e. can not be on two teams in the Thursday night league).

To discourage any teams to play with four players, if any team plays with only 4 players more than once in one given season  will not be allowed to register for the following season.

2 Guest players allowed for non-playoff games and no guest players allowed for playoff games. During the season, rosters may be checked to ensure teams are not bringing on more than 2 guest players. All guest and roster players must be in our member database. League reserves the right to not allow players to play if they fail to show a photo ID card.  Team will automatically forfeit a game if a player is found to have participated and not have sent in a signed waiver to the league. To ensure the player's name is on the list, a member search tool is available here.

Any team member fouling out of a game will remain out of that game. The game can be played with a minimum of three players if all available players have fouled out of the game. If only two players remain, the team will forfeit the game.

Any player receiving two technical fouls in a game will be ejected from that game, must leave the gym and will be suspended for the next two games. Any player receiving a physical (flagrant) technical foul (referee's judgment) in a game will be ejected from that game and the next two games. Any player ejected from a game for threatening, assaulting, etc. an official shall face suspension from the league as well as subjecting themselves to possible criminal charges as prescribed by law.

The mandatory one pass rule in the backcourt by the offense will be in effect. An inbound pass counts as one pass. The defense can press anytime unless they are ahead 15 or more points. If the ball is taken out at mid-court, the one pass rule shall not be in effect if thrown into the backcourt. If throw made directly into the front court, the one pass requirement is w aived.

Technical fouls assessed for defense in the backcourt will not be assessed against any player but will be a team technical foul. These technical fouls will not apply to the individual technical foul limit or to total team fouls.

Games will consist of two twenty-minute running time halves. Clock will not be stopped on shooting fouls only. Regulation play will take place for last two minutes of the second half. If the game spread is 15 points or more, this regulation play is waived. Each team will be permitted two time outs per half and one each overtime period.  Time-outs are not *****ulative. Each team member is allowed five personal fouls.

Scoring: win=3 points; tie=1 point; loss=0 points; forfeit=-1 point. Maximum differential per game is 15 points. Forfeit scores are recorded at 15-0.

Any team forfeiting a game during the season will be disqualified from playoffs. Unless specified, top 4 teams advance to playoffs at the end of the regular season. Schedule for playoff night: 1st round: 1st vs 4th, 2nd round: 2nd vs 3rd, winners of 1st round vs winners of 2nd round advance to finals.

Playoff seeding tie breakers are number of games played, head to head, points differential, points for, and then points against.  For leagues which have an odd number of teams, the team that plays an extra match on a doubleheader day (or the extra and last game if there are no doubleheaders) will not count toward playoff seedings. The game will count for the opponent. Max differential per game is 15 points.

The games shall start at the regularly scheduled times unless both teams and the officials agree to start earlier.


League Prize:


First time champions:

Tshirts, Team trophy, OR a $150 donation to 501c3 charity of choice. (two of the many charitable organizations that we have donated to: America SCORES and Doctors without Borders


Returning champions:

$150 donation to 501c3 charity of choice or Team Trophy



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